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Web Pony Competition Result System

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The WPCRS system allows to watch all the ponys runs and results on a web page.

Runs and current result of an ongoing competition can be watched online.
No need to log into SL to check the current ranking. Watch the current status via tablet computer or cell phone at work or when being on the move.

See the best runs and results of every course or event registered by the system. Irrespective of how many times the result boards have been cleared inworld.

Facts about WPCRS

  • Runs are visible on the web page in almost real time (usually with a delay of up to one second)
  • Runs and results can be selected by a given set of selection critera
  • The system offers a set of configurable statistics about runs, results and number of runs
  • Ponys can easily compare their runs with the runs of other ponys and competitors
  • Owners or trainers may check if their pony is practising as eager as demanded
  • Stable owners or staff can monitor the usage of the courses
  • The system provides 'all time' results, it doesn' t matter how many times a result board has been cleared inworld
    (of course 'all time' means from the time the runs have been registered by the WPCRS system)
  • WPCRS web page and web application is hosted in Switzerland at a notable Swiss internet service provider
  • All data are stored in a database held in Switzerland in a notable and secure Swiss data center
  • Currently WPCRS system supports the Sugar Cube, Subus Tremor's Genius and Chianna Nozaki's LUV timer system
    (interface to other systems can be added if requested and technology of timer system in question allows)

  • WPCRS system is generally available to every stable - and it's for free*
    *Therefore no support is guaranteed, but of course provided if possible
    Contact Pricilla Slade if you would like to onboard your stable to the WPCRS system

Copyright © 2015 Enchanting Pony Girls Stable and Training Center, all rights reserved
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