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Event: 43   Stable:  EPG

public use / practising

Course:  40

3-Barrel Classic (walk)

Allowed Runs:  unlimited

Date from:  0000-00-00 00:00:00 to: 0000-00-00 00:00:00 (SLT)

Status:  ongoing

Host:  none


Rank Pony Name Points Time Faults Missed G # Runs #Best Run
1*Ralna Payne119011.6600000011
2Nevergetout Resident119017.5499990011
3yyCloexx Resident118917.9100000011
4Liviana Benelli118917.9200000011
5Pricilla Slade118917.9800000022
6carla69kb Resident118818.0400010011
7Ophelia320 Resident118818.1600000011
8krinlyc Willis118818.1800000011
9Jessicalox Resident118818.24000000255
10Laura Eun118718.29999900184
11Nataly0707 Resident118618.5300010011
12AliceStar89 Resident118618.5900000011
13BunnyH34rt Resident118518.79999900179
14rubyport Resident118518.8200000022
15Minx Streusel118518.94000100103
16Phyrillia Resident118518.95000100155131
17MissVanessa26 Resident118419.0800000011
18lakotamiss Resident118419.1299990031
19blassen Resident118419.1700000011
20zofemarcel Nexen118419.2300000011
21VelvetAllure2018 Resident118219.5800000011
21 *devotea Resident118219.5800000011
23TiraMisu1987 Resident117720.7500000011
24rubberbella Resident117621.1800000011
25Claireity102 Resident117321.8600010011
26PlayfulGal Resident117222.0300010099
27Donnallasrandy Resident116823.0300010044
28Zucriy Resident116723.3500000021
29AshleyK2813 Resident116117.8700011011
30blackytoy Resident116018.1600001011
31ClairedelaDeuxieme Resident115918.3600011011
32LatexSandra Demonia115419.7199991021
33juli69 Kegel115319.7500001011
34Vanish Aker113018.6200012011
35debs Bombastic110717.2999993011
36Callme Darwin110019.1700003011
37MenschMeier Resident103518.8600010-111
38Dolly Hoffnung103319.2600000-111
39SinaMarie1010 Resident103020.1700000-111
40nessasalma Resident88917.7500000211
41Amena89 Resident54920.9300001422
42Ralna Payne42211.4500001511
43BellaRahel Resident3008.9400000611
44KiaraYuet2017 Resident0199.0000000011
44 *plasma nuke0199.0000000011
44 *JenniferNicole123 Resident0199.0000000021
44 *MG Phaeton cart 2P schwarz0199.0000000011
44 *charette_cage v2.000199.0000000011
44 *susi24berger Resident0199.0000000011
44 *Latexbaby Resident0199.0000000011
44 *StormW Resident0199.0000000061
44 *Leuccocia Resident0199.0000000011
44 *taka Salome0199.0000000031
44 *Jayla Fink0199.0000000011
44 *TVSissi Denver0199.0000000061
44 *DJ Black Two Pony Carriage 0.150199.0000000011
44 *ShannonWelsh Resident0199.0000000071
44 **KL* Pony Rikshaw0199.0000000011
44 *Speedster - Pony0199.0000000011
44 *Liz4fun Resident0199.0000000011
44 *xy2212835506 Resident0199.0000000011
44 *AnnikaCristiansen Resident0199.0000000051
44 *Benny1504 Resident0199.0000000051
44 *Lewelan Finistair0199.0000000011
44 *dilekiona Resident0199.0000000011
44 *Sugar Cube Cart 0199.0000000011
44 *-Seale Sisters- Ball v1.0.00199.0000000011
44 *CindyLouBoo19 Resident0199.0000000811

Recent Runs

97, 98 or 99 faults indicate aborted runs (by system/pony) due to cheat detection (e.g. fly/run) or reset of the timer system

Run # Pony Name Points Time Fault Missed G Date of Run (UTC)
1-Seale Sisters- Ball v1.0.00199.000000002020-12-01 12:16:03

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